You Are Music Blog Post

What would the world be without music? Just long, cold and empty silence. What my world would be without your music? The worst punishment ever. In a place where love is rare, I find comfort in those notes. In times when I need someone to hold me, I wrap myself into those lyrics and feel it. I feel you through that song. I feel your emotions, your thoughts. I am not alone.

I am not alone, and you are everywhere with me. You are preparing me for the day that awaits when I go to work, when my boss is so angry at himself and starts making everybody around him feel the same.  I just sit there press play, and mute the world. Work continues. I am happy again. You are there when my date doesn`t show up and leaves me hanging there in the bar for no special reason.  You are there while I finish my drink and stew for a little bit longer. I am thinking, music, you are the reason I am here. Who will tell me that it is okay in a sweet and melodic way? I arrive home, make myself comfortable, and there you are again. I drown my tears into that melody. Tomorrow will be better.

If I didn’t have your music, what would have happened when I bumped into that girl this morning?  While I was picking up her things I happened to notice that we listen to the same music.  If there was no music, there would be no in, there would be no us.

Music is my escape. When I want to hide from the world, and when I want to reconnect. When I want to rest my body and heal my soul.

Did you know that one song has the infinite ability to paint a picture? If there is no music, I wouldn`t be here telling you my story, reminiscing, while I listen your tunes. You have the power to create something big and extraordinary. You have the ability to convert your feelings and emotions into a powerful melody and give it to the people, so they can heal. So they can be inspired and start their own story. A story told to others about what a great life they lived because of your gift.

Heroes have a superpower and yours is music.