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Who Are We | Fresh Music Club

Fresh Music Club was created to boost exposure of new musicians and artists. We know how difficult it is to get exposure or build an audience. That’s why we created Fresh Music Club, to cut through the noise and make sure you are heard.

The premise is simple: join our platform and get promoted primarily through our website and YouTube channel, with other social media networks such as Instagram as supporting promotion channels, working in unison to get the best results.


Our Mission

Fresh Music Club is set on a mission to help emerging artists build or expand their audience.  We strongly believe that there are many talented people across the globe who haven’t had that chance to shine yet. Fresh Music Club aims to change that.

Founded by Diggy Roe, Fresh Music Club is a passion project, created by merging passion for music and the willingness to help new artists who want to share their talent and work with the world.

Reach a wide audience, share your work, start expanding your fan base and, hopefully, unlock the doors to professional opportunities.


Our Vision

Looking ahead, we want to continue to improve our platform and help artists from all walks of life share their talent with the world.

In the future, we will continue grow, but one thing will remain unchanged: our unshakable dedication to artists and their craft. Put simply, we will never leave you wondering if you are a priority, because we share the same passion. We are united by music.


Join Fresh Music Club and Share Your Talent with the World!